Best Anti-Aging Serums in the market: 2020

Anyone who has suffered from lousy sleep at least once knows that its consequences are not limited to poor health. You wake up and see that your face looks swollen, your skin is dry, your eyes are red and swollen, and small facial wrinkles are more noticeable. That is, in addition to a strong desire to sleep, there are other aspects. Lack of sleep affects our skin very severely. A study conducted in 2014 among 60 healthy women found that lack of sleep enhances the visible signs of aging. When comparing people with good sleep and those who suffer from sleep disorders, it was noted that the second group significantly increased redness and transepidermal moisture loss. When the skin loses moisture, it leads to dehydration. The skin’s barrier function was impaired. 

Your skin while you sleep.

The night is a valuable time to maintain healthy skin, and if you do not sleep well, it is reflected on your face. So what exactly is going on? The bottom line is that even when you sleep, the skin continues to work intensively. Cell regeneration reaches a peak, collagen production increases, skin temperature rises (which leads to moisture loss), and more sebum or fat are produced. [Dermal Institute] That is if you sleep little, skin regeneration processes do not occur. However, skin can be helped: there are special tools for this.

Best Best Anti-Aging Serums For your Skincare

1. Night masks

What they are:

A night mask is a combination of the most luxurious night cream you can imagine and a cream mask: apply them before bedtime to protect and moisturize your skin. Use night masks when the skin needs additional care, before an important event or in the winter months when the skin is dry and requires increased hydration.

What you can try:

Energie de Vie Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask

If in the morning, you always look tired, this mask is ideal for you. The combination of cranberry seed oil, ginseng extract, and lemon balm eliminates signs of fatigue. The formula has a non-greasy texture, is instantly absorbed, cools the skin and intensively moisturizes it, giving a fresh look after waking up.

Lancaster Energie De Vie Nuit Sleeping Mask for Unisex, 2.6 Ounce

Hydra Zen Overnight Serum-in-Mask Night Mask

This tool is ideal for those who like light texture. This airy moisturizing mask feels like a serum on the face. The mask, enriched with extracts of roses, moringa, and peony, soothes sensitive skin, and this is one of the consequences of insufficient sleep.

Absolue Precious Cells Revitalizing Night Ritual Mask

This night mask, saturated with rose essential oil and shea butter, has a fresh and velvety texture. Just apply it before bedtime on your face and neck with a brush, let it soak for ten minutes, and then distribute the rest of the mask with massaging movements so that the skin looks supple and smooth by 8 in the morning.

2. Facial oils

What they are:

Oils for face contain essential and other oils and perfectly seal moisture, preventing its transepidermal loss. Oil enthusiasts appreciate their softness and radiance effect. If this texture seems complicated to you, apply the mask before going to bed, and you do not have to worry that it will ruin the makeup.

What you can try:

Face Oil & Absolue Oleo Serum

Absolute Oleo Serum is truly two products in one: a powerful serum and luxurious face oil. Why do you certainly like it? The formula of this product, enriched with citrus essential oil, babassu, and camellia oils rich in fatty acids, moisturizes the skin and fills it with radiance. The Lancôme Rose extract included in the composition promotes skin regeneration.

3. Night creams

What they are:

Night creams are precisely what their name implies: creams for use at night, during sleep. As a rule, they are slightly denser than daily moisturizers. Usually, they contain components that are ideal for restoring the skin and enhancing its protective function (retaining moisture and preventing various particles from entering the skin).

What you can try:

Night Recovery Cream Absolue Precious Cells Recovery Night Cream

Night Cream Lancôme, containing extract stolistnoy roses and damask rose oil has a calming effect on the skin. The inspiration for creating the cream was one of the classic beauty products of all time – cold face cream. This moisturizer was used in the second century and was traditionally made based on almond oil and beeswax. Absolue Precious Cells Recovery Night Cream has the same light and delicate texture as a classic cold cream, preventing trans-epidermal moisture loss and moisturizing it all night. Still, it is instantly absorbed without leaving a greasy layer. Our advice: use it in the middle of winter, when the heating season is in full swing, and the skin is dry, like in the desert.

Lancome Absolue Night Precious Cells 1.7-ounce Recovery Night Cream

4. Night peels

What are:

The process of cell regeneration occurs at night; it is extraordinarily intense between 22 and 2 hours – that is, sleep at this time is very important. But if you are not one of those who go to bed at precisely ten, then peeling will be useful for your skin: it will exfoliate the cells and increase the speed of their renewal. An exfoliating scrub is also better to use in the evening because its components make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Apply one of the remedies below to your face, and don’t be surprised when you wake up and see that your skin has become much younger, velvety, and soft.

What you can try:

Peeling Visionnaire Crescendo Exfoliator

Peeling Visionnaire Crescendo Exfoliator lasts 28 days. Following professional peeling procedures inspired its creation. The composition includes two formulas. The first must be applied within 14 days since it contains alpha-hydroxy acids to remove the top layer of dead skin. The following formula contains salicylic and glycolic acids and has an even more intense exfoliating effect. Apply to clean skin surface, and then use your usual skincare products. After 28 days, the skin will be more even and radiant, the pores will become smaller, and small facial wrinkles – less noticeable.

Absolue Precious Cells Rose Peeling Night Drop Peeling Concentrate

This face peeling consists of two phases: pink, which contains glycolic acid and removes dead skin cells, and gold, which contains argan oil and rose extracts that nourish the skin. Shake the product, add a few drops to the palm, and apply them on the face.

Absolue by Lancome Precious Cells Rose Lotion 150ml

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5. Night Serums

What are:

Night serums are similar in action today serums but may contain unique components that are more suitable for use at night.

What you can try:

Sensitive Skin Serum Advanced Génifique Sensitive

After a month of use, this serum will soothe sensitive skin, which is affected by various factors. Enriched with ferulic acid and vitamin E, Advanced Génifique Sensitive serum soothes the skin and protects it from free radicals. Why should you apply it before bedtime? In the daytime, the sun can break down antioxidants, so the most significant effect will be when using it before bedtime.

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