How to Prevent Wrinkles: 5 Tips & Easy Methods

In this article, we will discuss how to prevent wrinkles. We all know that a problem is easier to prevent than to solve later. Although few of us follow this in real life, when it comes to your physical appearance, you must be prepared for the worst. After all, everyone wants to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. For example, develop good habits that will avoid early wrinkles. We will tell which ones, and you promise to fulfil!

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Do you think that wrinkles are inevitable anyway, and with age, you can only rely on cosmetics and salon procedures? This is only partially true. Every year your skin loses about 10% of the cells, but you can quickly reduce this amount. The power is in your hands! Let’s discuss how to prevent wrinkles.

How to Prevent Wrinkles: 5 Tips & Easy Methods

Reduce sun exposure.

Bronze skin is very beautiful, but the sun is the main enemy of our skin. Masako Mizutani from Japan is 46 years old, and she looks a maximum of 25. Japanese people never sunbathe, and at 50 they manage to look a maximum of 30. Want a beautiful tan? Use tanning products. Go outside on a sunny day? Make it a rule to use a skin product with an SPF factor.

What you need to know about drinking collagen - How to Prevent Wrinkles

Mostly Japanese women look 10-20 years younger than their biological age. Someone explains this phenomenon with the peculiarities of nutrition in Japan, someone with careful care and lack of a sunbathing habit, but there is a legend that Japanese women from the age of 25 start drinking a special composition for preserving youth – drinking collagen. Now it has become available to us, but since the product is controversial, not everyone is running to buy it. We decided to study this issue and tell you.

Collagen is the common name for a family of proteins that are the foundation of connective tissue (tendons, bones, cartilage) and give it strength. Our skin is 80% collagen. Collagen fibres fill the intercellular space and perform structural and moisture-saving functions, and are responsible for skin elasticity. With age, the production of our own collagen protein in the right amount decreases, collagen ligaments lose their integrity and ability to return to their original shape, and the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, wrinkles appear.

Accordingly, in order to slow down the ageing process of the skin and preserve its youth, it is necessary to make up for the lack of collagen. Usually, we use it externally as part of cosmetic products. However, it was proved that the size of collagen molecules is such that it does not allow them to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, experts in the field of beauty decided to try to take collagen inside, through the digestive system and the bloodstream.

What you need to know about drinking collagen - photo # 2
A variety of drinking collagen on the shelves in Japan

Drinking collagen is of animal and fish origin. According to recent studies by scientists from the Russian Association of Cosmetologists, the collagen of animal origin is the least effective for rejuvenation. It is incompatible with the human and is perceived by the body as a foreign protein. But collagen molecules of marine origin can be rearranged, imitating human skin tissue.

According to French and Japanese tests,  marine collagen when taken orally gives the following results: skin hydration increases by 28% in 91% of those who test, elasticity by 19%, volume decreases by 40% and wrinkle width by 23%. In addition to the complex effect on connective tissues (face, neck, body), it positively affects the condition of the joint tissue of the musculoskeletal system. To achieve maximum effect, you need to take a course for a period of three months. The first positive changes should be noticeable within 2-3 weeks after the start of the course.

How to Prevent Wrinkles: Collagen Drink

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Take Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and one of the most essential “fighters” for youthful skin. It helps preserve collagen, which is part of the connective tissue not only in the skin but also in the bones, tendons and muscles. Be sure to include sauerkraut, citrus fruits, a kiwi in your diet, and also take vitamin C in pill form. This is one of the easiest methods for How to Prevent Wrinkles.

How to Prevent Wrinkles: Best Vitamin C capsules

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Quit smoking.

Did you know that cigarettes contain nearly 4,000 different chemicals that damage precious collagen? This leads to a loss of tone, smoothness and beautiful appearance of the skin. And besides, nicotine constricts small blood vessels in the upper layers of the epidermis, thereby reducing the flow of oxygen to the skin. The result is accelerated ageing and more wrinkles.

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Sleep 7-8 hours a day.

A scientific study by the Society of Dermatology in Edinburgh showed that people who used to sleep only five hours had twice as many wrinkles as those who sleep for at least 7 hours. During sleep, the body recovers, it undergoes critical metabolic processes, so put off all things and go to bed at a maximum of 23.00.

Go to the Optometrist.

This tip may seem strange, but very often, facial wrinkles arise from the habit of squinting. Which, in turn, can be caused by poor eyesight. In this case, glasses or contact lenses can solve two problems at the same time.

Stop Sugar.

In addition to the fact that sugar contributes to weight gain and diabetes, it also harms your skin. Excess glucose can cause glycation. This is a reaction in which glueing of collagen or elastin fibres to glucose occurs, which leads to skin ageing.

Do not overdo washing.

Our skin secretes natural oils, which play an essential role in preventing the skin from drying out, which leads to wrinkles. The habit of frequently washing or using aggressive cleansers flushes these oils and dehydrates the skin. Try using natural cleansers that contain natural oils, such as shea butter, cocoa butter or coconut.

How to Prevent Wrinkles:  Best natural Face cleanser

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And remember, if you start to properly care for your skin at 20, at 40 it will let you know that it was not in vain!

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